THE PLASTIC DRAG (2021 – ongoing)

The Plastic Drag is an experimental visual work at the crossroads of video art and documentary filmmaking. It investigates the art of drag performed by a new wave of trans and non-binary drag performers and how they are envisioning new gender identities.
The film presents the drag artists engaging in a monologue/dialogue with their drag personas. Intertwined with their words a visual landscape offers a window onto their iconic inspirations.
The work specifically intends to investigate how images are involved in the creation of a drag persona and how drag can be employed to critically address not only societal norms around gender but also issues related to racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, mental health, body positivity, and ableism.

The Plastic Drag aims at dismantling the common idea that drag is practiced only by (predominantly white) cis-gay men performing as Drag Queens. The film shows instead how this art form is practiced by artists of different genders, races, ages, body shapes and abilities. It also widens the perspective on drag by featuring drag kings and drag personas that go beyond the traditional binary distinction of Drag Queen/Drag King.


“Plasticity refers to a dual ability to receive form (clay is plastic) and give form (as in the plastic arts or plastic surgery). We should not forget that ‘plastique’ – the French word for plastic – is an explosive substance made of nitroglycerine and nitrocellulose, capable of causing violent explosions.
Plasticity is situated between two extremes: on the one side the sensible image of taking form (sculpture or plastic object), and on the other side that of the annihilation of all forms (explosion).
The word plasticity thus unfolds its meaning between sculptural moulding and deflagration, which is to say explosion.” (Catherine Malabou)


Jorge&Veronica (2021) – one-channel video, 21′ 30”

Fish&Frankie, 2021 – one-channel video, 12′ 16”