XX Masculinity (2013 – 2015)


POETIC&PHOTOGRAPHIC PROJECT by Orlando Myxx and Giovanna Frene

Inspired by Queer theorist Judith “Jack” Halberstam Female Masculinity, the project XX Masculinity shows, through a combination of photographs and poems, the idea of a “masculinity without man” investigating its different forms: Drag Kings, crossdressers, FtoMs, transgenders, butches, androgynes. The artistic&literary approach and the process adopted for the implementation create a sort of anthropological documentation of the visual and the intimate semantic of this original part of feminine population in the Italian social context. The output of the process is a series of 44 portraits and 44 poems that transpose, in a poetical form, the individual meanings and experience of masculinity. The poetic&photographic project XX Masculinity intend to be a sort of “manifesto” in order to make known the queer theory in the Italian culture. The project started in 2013 and is on-going.


(Portraits from 2015 series)



Maschilità XX, Queer, Frene, Transexual, Transessuale

queer, maschilità xx, Frene

queer, androgina, lesbian, Frene, maschilità XX

Maschilità XX, queer, Frene, FtoM, transgender, transessuale


Photo ©OrlandoMyxx2015 – Testi ©GiovannaFrene2015

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