#s.o.w. (2023)

#s.o.w. is a multimedia living installation.

Reflecting on the political and social climate that is throwing the world into the apocalypse, the work invites the audience to listen to the sounds of a cracking world and act kindness. –

The work was commissioned by @Disturbance and was performed at Ugly Duck (London) on May 3rd 2023 during @Disturbance Publication launch.

#s.o.w. – Performance film (watch on Vimeo)

The film is edited using the documentation footage of two of the three performances, the original sound mix and the visual projected onto the wall.



Concept, Sound and Visual: Orlando Myxx

Vacuum Bag: Shanti Freed, Henri T, Regine Shehata

Performers: Orlando Myxx, Eli Agrup